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My Approach

My Background

Making your way through life can often feel stressful, confusing and lonely, whether you are a young adult figuring out grad school, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with work, or facing a big change in your relationship. When confronting life transitions or balancing multiple stressors, it’s common to feel worried, sleepless, disengaged, frustrated, or all of the above. I find that there is often a sense of relief that comes with the simple act of talking it through with the help of a therapist. It is my goal to provide a place where you can unload and we can sort it out together, find healthy coping skills, and begin creating the life you want.

I have a humanistic approach to therapy and believe that people have an inherent goodness and the power to change. I tend to focus less on pathology and what is going wrong in your life, and focus more on your strengths and helping you figure out what you want your life to look like. I believe that a therapist’s genuineness, unconditional positive regard, and empathy are essential to success, but that training and technique are vital as well. I have experience and training in multiple, clinically tested therapeutic techniques (including Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing) but combine this knowledge to customize my approach to work effectively with your unique life circumstances and personality.

Whether you are ready to get started or just curious, call or submit the contact form to learn more about how I can help.

I have 10 years of experience and have had the privilege of working in a variety of clinical settings during graduate school and after, including a university counseling center, community mental health clinics, and medical clinics. This variety has given me experience in treating a wide range of clients and struggles, from perfectionistic students feeling overwhelmed by their first year in law school, to young professionals struggling to make complex career choices. But I also have experience working with a wide variety of survivors of trauma, including immigrants who fled abuse and human trafficking. I'm not afraid to walk into dark places nor sit with people in their chaos and pain. I have hope.


I grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and in 2011 received a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan. In my free time I enjoy gardening, making pottery and fostering dogs. 

Contact Me

If you are a resident of Washington, D.C. or Maryland, call, text or use this contact form to schedule your first appointment or for a free, brief consultation.

Liz Caritj, LICSW, LCSW-C


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