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Depression Treatment

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Everyone feels down sometimes, however if you are one of the 16 million Americans suffering with depression, it can start to affect important parts of your life. You may not only feel low, but also have trouble enjoying what you once found fun, or lack the energy and motivation you use to have. With expert psychological help at Bloom Counseling, you can have a non-judgmental atmosphere to unload and process your feelings while also learning helpful skills to get more out of life and reduce your symptoms.


Use the contact form to make your first therapy appointment or to learn more. You can also call or text 202-701-3646. Whether you are ready to get started or just curious, call to learn more about how Bloom Counseling can help.

If you are a resident of Washington, D.C. or Maryland, use the contact form below to schedule your first appointment or for a free, brief consultation. You can also call or text 202-701-3646

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